Previous consultations

Title Status
Annual review of the Determination: Proposals for 2023-24Completed
Food (Wales) BillCompleted
Implications of the Census data for the legislative framework that supports Welsh-Medium Education ProvisionCompleted
Inquiry into Wales-Ireland relationsCompleted
Electric vehicle chargingCompleted
Endoscopy servicesCompleted
Decarbonising the public sectorCompleted
Council Tax ReformCompleted
Call for evidence on recommendations made by the Special Purpose Committee on Senedd ReformCompleted
Services for care experienced children: exploring radical reformCompleted
Agriculture (Wales) BillCompleted
Welsh Government Draft Budget 2023-24Completed
Inquiry into the impact of increasing costsCompleted
Draft Environmental Protection (Single-use Plastic Products) (Wales) BillCompleted
Ask the Minister for Health and Social Services a questionCompleted
Women’s experiences in the criminal justice systemCompleted
The challenges facing the creative industry workforce in WalesCompleted
Development of the Food (Wales) BillCompleted
Scrutiny of Digital Health and Care WalesCompleted
Mental Health support in Higher EducationCompleted
Cross-Party GroupsCompleted
Decarbonisation of housing: decarbonising the private housing sectorCompleted
Social Partnership and Public Procurement (Wales) BillCompleted
Ban Greyhound Racing in WalesCompleted
Pupil absenceCompleted
The Welsh Government's plan for transforming and modernising planned care and reducing waiting listsCompleted
Inquiry into community assetsCompleted
Bus and rail transport in WalesCompleted
Digital connectivity in WalesCompleted
Welsh in Education Strategic Plans - the legislative framework that supports Welsh-Medium Education ProvisionCompleted
Inquiry into the provision of sites for Gypsy, Roma and TravellersCompleted
Cost of LivingCompleted
The Official Languages Scheme for the Sixth Senedd - Draft for consultationCompleted
Violence Against Women, Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence: migrant womenCompleted
UK-New Zealand Free Trade AgreementCompleted
Decarbonisation of housingCompleted
Post-EU funding arrangementsCompleted
Scrutiny of Common FrameworksCompleted
Peer on peer sexual harassment among learnersCompleted
Participation in sport in disadvantaged areasCompleted
UK-Australia Free Trade AgreementCompleted
Procedure for Dealing with Complaints against Members of the Senedd - January 2022Completed
Renewable energy generation in WalesCompleted
Mental health inequalitiesCompleted
Annual review of the Determination: proposals for 2022-23Completed
Business Committee review of the committee timetable and committee remitsCompleted
Welsh Tax Acts etc. (Power to Modify) BillCompleted
Rules on the Use of Senedd ResourcesCompleted
Fuel poverty and the Warm Homes ProgrammeCompleted
Impact of the waiting times backlog on people in Wales who are waiting for diagnosis or treatmentCompleted
Marine environment managementCompleted
Net Zero WalesCompleted
Hospital discharge and its impact on patient flow through hospitalsCompleted
Inquiry into second homesCompleted
Tertiary Education and Research (Wales) BillCompleted
Scrutinising public administrationCompleted
HGV Driver Shortage and Supply Chain IssuesCompleted
Childcare and parental employment: the pandemic and beyondCompleted
The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, and its management, on health and social care in WalesCompleted
Welsh Government Draft Budget 2022-23Completed
Health and social care workforceCompleted
Agricultural Pollution RegulationsCompleted
Priorities for the Climate Change, Environment, and Infrastructure CommitteeCompleted
Health and Social Care: Priorities for the Sixth SeneddCompleted
Priorities for the Local Government and Housing CommitteeCompleted
Priorities for the Economy, Trade and Rural Affairs CommitteeCompleted
Sixth Senedd PrioritiesCompleted
Culture, Communications, Welsh Language, Sport and International Relations: Priorities for the Sixth SeneddCompleted
Fifth Senedd Legacy - Culture, Welsh Language and CommunicationsCompleted