Climate Change, Environment and Rural Affairs Committee - Completed Inquiries - Fifth Senedd

Inquiries undertaken by the Climate Change, Environment and Rural Affairs Committee during the Fifth Senedd (2016 – 2021) can be accessed by using the links below.



Date Completed

End of Fifth Senedd legacy work

March 2021

Impact of the Covid-19 pandemic

March 2021

UK Common Frameworks:

Hazardous Substances (Planning)

UK Emissions Trading Scheme

March 2021

Animal health and disease prevention

March 2021

National Development Framework for Wales

February 2021

Short inquiry into the Welsh Government’s response to flooding in Wales

January 2021

One-off session on biodiversity and rewilding in Wales

November 2020

Fuel Poverty

September 2020

Inquiry into Air Quality

April 2020

Follow up work on Marine Protected Area Management in Wales

January 2020

Environmental principles and governance post-Brexit

February 2020

Biodiversity–Public Goods Scheme

December 2019

Pre-appointment hearing: Chair of Natural Resources Wales (NRW)

September 2019

Reducing plastic waste - Policies and proposals relating to plastic pollution and packaging waste

August 2019

Rethinking Food in Wales: Food branding and processing

August 2019


May 2019

The impact of Brexit on fisheries in Wales

October 2018

Low carbon housing: the challenge

August 2018

UK common frameworks on agriculture and environment

July 2018

Environmental governance body and environmental principles post-Brexit

June 2018

Inquiry into Marine Protected Areas in Wales

January 2018

Forestry and woodland policy in Wales

November 2017

Use of snares in Wales

June 2017

Bovine Tuberculosis in Wales

May 2017

Inquiry into the Future of Agricultural and Rural Development Policies in Wales

March 2017




Type: For information

First published: 28/06/2016

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