Fuel Poverty

The Climate Change Environment and Rural Affairs Committee (the Committee) is carrying out an inquiry into fuel poverty.


The Welsh Government had a statutory obligation (under the Fuel Poverty Commitment for Wales 2003, as required by the Warm Homes and Energy Conservation Act 2000) to eradicate fuel poverty, as far as is reasonably practicable, in all households in Wales by 2018. Welsh Government figures from 2016 estimated that 23% of Welsh households were living in fuel poverty. The latest figures, published in May 2019, show that 12% of households are still living in fuel poverty.

The Welsh Government has committed to consult on a new plan to tackle fuel poverty in the autumn of 2019, with the intention of publishing a final revised plan early in 2020.

Terms of Reference

The Committee is seeking views on the following:

·         the scale and impacts of fuel poverty in Wales;

·         why the Welsh Government failed to meet its statutory target of eradicating fuel poverty in Wales by 2018;

·         how Welsh Government action to date has helped to combat fuel poverty, in particular, the impact of the Warm Homes Programme (including Nest and Arbed) and the Welsh Housing Quality Standard;

·         how the Welsh Government’s successor to the fuel poverty strategy (due for consultation in Autumn 2019) should differ from its 2010 strategy;

·         what steps the Welsh Government should take to ensure that new-build homes, as well as existing homes, are highly energy efficient to prevent them causing fuel poverty in the future.

Business type: Committee Inquiry

First published: 01/08/2019





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