Hazardous Substances (Planning) Common Framework



Hazardous Substances Planning policy encompasses the elements of the Seveso III Directive (2012/18/ EU) which relate to land-use planning, including: planning controls on the presence of hazardous substances and handling development proposals both for hazardous establishments and in the vicinity of such establishments.


It governs the siting of establishments containing hazardous substances in order to prevent major accidents and limit the impact on life and the environment when they do take place. It sets limits on the amount of dangerous substances that can be stored on a site and provides the planning framework required for the use of such substances to be approved.


The UK Government and devolved administrations have agreed Hazardous Substances Planning requires a common approach following the UK’s departure from the EU.


In October 2020, the Minister for Housing and Local Government made the draft Hazardous Substances Planning Common Framework available for scrutiny.


On 26 October the Chair wrote (PDF 238KB) to the Minister for Housing and Local Government with a number of questions in relation to the Hazardous Substances (Planning) Draft Framework. The Minister responded (PDF 336KB) on 17 November 2020 and provided a further response on 18 December 2020 (PDF 122 KB).


On 21 January 2021 the Chair wrote (PDF 212KB) to the Minister for Housing and Local Government setting out the Committees views and recommendations on the draft Framework.


Business type: Common Framework

First published: 09/02/2021