Completed work and Published Reports – Children, Young People, and Education Committee

Pages relating to the completed work and published reports of the Children, Young People, and Education Committee can be accessed using the links below.

Continuing Work

Inquiry Title

Date Reported

Summer exam series 2022



Inquiry title


Date completed

Services for care experienced children: exploring radical reform

If not now, then when?

Full report (PDF 3.3MB)

Summary report (PDF 2MB)

Welsh Government response (PDF 285KB)

12 July 2023

Mental Health support in Higher Education

Report (PDF 3MB)

Welsh Government response (PDF 238KB)

26 May 2023

Pupil absence

Report (PDF 1.5MB)
Welsh Government response (PDF 152KB)

8 February 2023

Peer on peer sexual harassment among learners

Everybody’s affected

Written report (PDF 1,845KB)
Video report

Welsh Government response (PDF 320KB)

13 July 2022

Priorities for the Children, Young People and Education Committee

Sixth Senedd Strategy

Simple version (PDF 70KB)
Detailed version (PDF 46KB)

16 December 2021


Legislative Consent Memorandum



Date completed

Legislative Consent: Illegal Migration Bill

Report (PDF 219KB)

20 June 2023

Legislative Consent: Schools Bill

Report (PDF 142KB)

28 November 2022

Legislative Consent: The Nationality and Borders Bill

Report (PDF 333KB)

15 February 2022

Legislative Consent: Skills and Post-16 Education Bill

Report (PDF 794KB)

16 December 2021



Legislation title


Date completed

Tertiary Education and Research (Wales) Act 2022

Stage 1 Report (PDF 2,669 KB)

Welsh Government response (PDF 418KB)

8 September 2022





Date completed

Pre- appointment hearing of the Chief Executive for the Commission for Tertiary Education and Research

Report (PDF 302KB)

Welsh Government response (PDF 178KB)

8 June 2023

Welsh Government Draft Budget 2023-24

Report (PDF 698KB)

Welsh Government response (PDF 907KB)

3 February 2023

Pre-appointment hearings of the Chair for the Commission for Tertiary Education and Research

Report (PDF 238KB)


19 December 2022

Pre-appointment hearings of the Deputy Chair for the Commission for Tertiary Education and Research

Report (PDF 224KB)


19 December 2022

Welsh Government Draft Budget 2022-23

Report (PDF 766KB)

Welsh Government response (PDF 490KB)

4 February 2022

Pre-appointment hearing of the Children Commissioner for Wales

Report (PDF 238KB)

Welsh Government response (PDF 587KB)

December 2021


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First published: 24/06/2021