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Introductions, apologies, substitutions and declarations of interest


The Chair welcomed Members to the meeting. There were no apologies.

Under Standing Order 17.24 Llyr Gruffydd AM declared he was a former Vice President of CWVYS, Lynne Neagle AM declared her Husband is currently working for the University of South Wales and Hefin David AM declared he is an associate lecturer at Cardiff Metropolitan University.

(09.30 - 10.45)


Inquiry into Youth Work - Evidence session 3 - Welsh Government

Alun Davies AM, Minister for Lifelong Learning and Welsh Language

Kara Richards, Head of Youth Engagement

Sam Evans, Senior Youth Work Strategy Manager

Supporting documents:


The Committee heard evidence from the Minister for Lifelong Learning and Welsh Language. The Minister agreed to provide the following:


The results of the current mapping exercise of the voluntary sector provision of youth work;

Case studies of where youth work and local authorities are working well together and examples of where further support is needed;

All published information on the provision of statutory youth work provision including information on funding streams; 

Figures on the reduction of staff numbers over the recent years within the Youth Work department in the Welsh Government;

A breakdown of the £36.6 million that is spent between local authorities on youth services across Wales; and

The emerging themes from the recent consultation on proposals to support the development of a new National Youth Work Strategy.


(11.00 - 12.30)


Discussion with Professor Sir Ian Diamond on the Review of Higher Education Funding and Student Finance Arrangements in Wales

Professor Sir Ian Diamond

Supporting documents:


The Committee discussed the Review with Sir Ian Diamond.


Paper(s) to note


The paper were noted.


Letter from the Cabinet Secretary for Health, Well-being and Sport & Minister for Social Services and Public Health - further information following meeting on 14 September

Supporting documents:


Letter from the Cabinet Secretary for Communities and Children - further information following letter sent on 15 September re action point from meeting on 13 July

Supporting documents:


Letter to the Cabinet Secretary for Education from the Chair of Equality, Local Government and Communities Committee

Supporting documents:



Motion under Standing Order 17.42(ix) to resolve to exclude the public from the meeting for the next item


The Motion was agreed.

(12.30 - 12.40)


Consideration of committee forward work programme


The Committee considered the forward work programme. They agreed to carry out inquiries into statutory advocacy provision and the Education Improvement Grant: Gypsy, Roma and Traveller, and Minority Ethnic children. They also agreed to carry out some work on the implementation of the curriculum reform and to scrutinise the Qualification Wales Annual Report.