Cross Party Group

Active Travel Act



The Cross Party Group on the Active Travel Act is a forum for cross-party policy debate and discussion related to the implementation of the Active Travel Act and the achievement of its ambition of making walking and cycling the most natural and normal way of getting about. The Group will engage with all relevant stakeholders and scrutinise the Welsh Government’s and other bodies’ work on this issue. The Group will also seek to raise awareness of the important role active travel can play in creating the healthy, prosperous, and resilient Wales we all wish to see.




Chair: Huw Irranca-Davies


Secretary: Chris Roberts



Next meeting


Date: Wednesday 14 June


Time: 12:00 – 13:15


Location: Conference rooms C and D / Microsoft Teams



Cross-Party Group Documentation:


Minutes of previous meetings


Annual Reports and Financial Statements

Contact information

Chris Roberts


  • Huw Irranca-Davies MS (Chair)
  • Jane Dodds MS
  • Janet Finch-Saunders MS
  • John Griffiths MS
  • Vikki Howells MS
  • Rhun ap Iorwerth MS
  • Sarah Murphy MS
  • Jenny Rathbone MS
  • Carolyn Thomas MS
  • Ken Barker - Cycling UK
  • Rebecca Brough - Ramblers Cymru
  • Richard Brunstrom - Cycling UK North Wales
  • Teresa Ciano - GoSafe, Road Safety Wales
  • Duncan Dollimore - Cycling UK
  • Sian Donovan - Pedal Power
  • David Edwards - Casnewydd Community Cycling
  • Richard Evans - Cycle Training Wales
  • Christine Farr - Welsh Network of Healthy Schools
  • Catherine Floyd - Public Health Wales
  • Matthew Gilbert - Transport for Wales
  • Rhiannon Hardiman - Living Streets
  • Mike Jones-Pritchard - Cardiff Council
  • Richard Keatinge - Beicio Bangor
  • Peter King - Vale of Glamorgan Council
  • Hugh Mackay - Cycling UK VofG
  • John Mather - Cycling UK (N Wales)
  • David Naylor - Wheelrights
  • Gwenda Owen - Cycling UK
  • Dareyoush Rassi - Wheelrights
  • Paula Renzel - Sustrans Cymru
  • Chris Roberts - Member Support Staff
  • Kaarina Ruta - WLGA
  • Emma Sandrey - Cardiff Council
  • John Sayce - Wheelrights
  • Ben Sears - WLGA
  • Gwyn Smith - Sustrans
  • Phil Snaith - Carmarthenshire Cycle Forum
  • Paul Streets - Cardiff Cycle City
  • Rhiannon Wade - Cardiff Council
  • Tom Wells - bikebikebike