Cross Party Group

Race Equality


Cross-party Group on Race Equality




To provide a cross-party forum to discuss race related issues, including all aspects of race discrimination affecting Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) individuals and communities in Wales.


To support the formulation of a cross-party approach to addressing the disparity relating to representation of BAME people across all political parties, public appointments and propose targets to tackle racial inclusion and diversity.


To consider issues of importance to BAME people in Wales and determine the policy implications; and to afford an active forum for representatives from relevant organisations to meet with AMs to discuss areas of concern.


To increase the coverage of race and equality issues in the Welsh Assembly; to update AM’s and members on race equality issues and up-to-date research; and to connect the group with race equality organisations and trade unions through structures of the Wales TUC.




Chair: John Griffiths AM


Secretary: Judge Ray Singh


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