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Cross-party Group on Industrial Communities



The Cross-Party Group on Industrial Communities will act as a forum for solutions that will improve economic and social well-being in the industrial and former industrial areas of Wales. Through vehicles such as open meetings, briefings and media work, the group will highlight the range of socio-economic challenges affecting these areas and examine a range of levers which can help overcome these challenges.


As such, the Cross-Party Group will:


        Aim to influence the policy decisions of the Welsh Government and other agencies to ensure that appropriate resources are deployed to assist the economic and social regeneration of industrial communities in Wales; and

        Develop links with colleagues at a UK level, as well as with those in the other devolved nations, to share research and best practice in helping to improve our industrial and former industrial communities.





Chair: Vikki Howells         


Secretary: Peter Slater, Industrial Communities Alliance


Next meeting


Date: Tuesday 11 August 2020


Time: 14:00 – 15:00




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Contact information

Ged McHugh

Phone: 07527226269




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