Cross Party Group

Women in the Economy - Fourth Assembly (2011-2016)


This Cross Party Group was dissolved at the end of the Fourth Assembly (April 2016)



The cross-party group will consider new research around women in the economy, exploring key issues such as:


>>>Gender segregation

>>>Career progression

>>>The under-utilisation of women’s skills in the Welsh economy

>>>Modern working practices and how they can support women in work

>>>Balancing caring roles

>>>The under-representation of women in business



The overall objective will be to consider what action needs to be taken to increase equality of opportunity for women in Wales.



Chair: Christine Chapman AM


Secretary: Christine O’Byrne


Minutes of previous meetings

The minutes of each meeting (published within 4 weeks of the meeting taking place) can be found here:



Annual Report and Financial Statement

The Annual Report and Financial Statement (published within 6 weeks of the Annual General Meeting) can be found here:

Annual Report and Financial Statement