P-04-539 Save Cardiff Coal Exchange

This petition seeks a commitment from the Welsh Government to set up a public enquiry into the events surrounding the Coal Exchange and to support public opinion which seeks to protect and conserve the building.


The Coal Exchange is one of Cardiff’s most important buildings and one of the finest buildings in Wales. It’s where the world’s first million pound deal was struck during the city’s industrial heyday (equivalent to over £100m today). Yet far from cherishing this building, Cardiff council proposes to demolish the main body of the building, keeping only the facades.


If this happens, then the magnificent interior with its immense historical significance will be lost forever. This grade 2* listed building deserves better, and the views of the public need to be heard.


The Council have been claiming for the past year that it is on the point of collapse. No works have been done, yet there is no apparent evidence that the building is about to collapse. It is questioned if Cardiff Council were able to use section 78 powers under the building act to progress their plans, and this needs to be investigated openly.


So much of Cardiff Bay’s social and built heritage has already been destroyed; it seems inconceivable that more can be cast aside with cynical abandon.


It’s unclear why the council refuses to see the value of restoring the Coal Exchange to protect this iconic building for the use and enjoyment of future generations.


The issues are of the highest level of public interest, and it is considered essential that an open public consultation occurs to review matters.


Petition raised by:  Jon Avent


Date Petition first considered by Committee: 11 March 2014


Number of signatures: 389 signatures.  An associated petition hosted on another website collected 2680 signatures.



Business type: Petition

Reason considered: Senedd Business;

First published: 07/03/2014