Making Laws in Wales

Making Laws in Wales Report


Making Laws in Wales Summary Report


The purpose of the inquiry by the Constitutional and Legislative Affairs Committee was to consider how laws are being made in the Fourth Assembly, in particular by:

  • considering the principles applied to the legislative drafting of Members’ Bills, and amendments, for the Assembly and identifying respects in which they conform with or depart from best practice in the United Kingdom and comparable jurisdictions;
  • considering the impact of legislative competence on the drafting of Bills (including the possible impact of alternative methods of defining legislative competence);
  • reviewing the purpose and effect of Explanatory Memoranda which accompany Bills, and other explanatory or background material;
  • reviewing the effectiveness of the opportunities provided by Standing Orders for the scrutiny of Bills;
  • considering the time allowed for the scrutiny of Bills, and other matters relating to Bill procedure;
  • reviewing the scope and effectiveness of arrangements for “fast-tracking” Bills within the existing Assembly procedures;
  • considering the capacity of the Welsh Government and National Assembly to legislate;
  • considering issues relating to the management by the Welsh Government of its legislative programme; 
  • considering any other matters relating to the making of legislation;
  • making recommendations.


Evidence from the Public:


The Committee held a public consultation to gather evidence on this topic.


A plenary debate was held on the Making Laws in Wales report on 20 January 2016. You can watch the debate again on and you can also access the Record of Proceedings.




Welsh Government’s Response

Assembly Commission’s Response

Business Committee’s Response

Business type: Committee Inquiry

Status: Complete

First published: 18/03/2014