Orthodontic services in Wales

The National Assembly for Wales’ Health and Social Care Committee undertook a short inquiry into orthodontic services in Wales.

The terms of reference were to inquire into the provision of appropriate orthodontic care in Wales including:

  • Access for patients to appropriate orthodontic treatment, covering both primary and secondary care orthodontic services, and whether there is regional variation in access to orthodontic services across Wales.
  • The effectiveness of working relationships between orthodontic practices and Local Health Boards in the management of local orthodontic provision, and the role of Managed Clinical Networks in helping to deliver more effective orthodontic services in Wales (e.g. effective planning and management, improvement in the appropriateness of referrals and performance management, workforce arrangements).
  • Whether the current level of funding for orthodontic services is sustainable with spending pressures facing the NHS, including whether the current provision of orthodontic care is adequate, affordable and provides value for money.
  • Whether orthodontic services is given sufficient priority within the Welsh Government’s broader national oral health plan, including arrangements for monitoring standards of delivery and outcomes of care within the NHS and the independent sector.
  • The impact of the dental contract on the provision of orthodontic care.


Evidence from the Public


The Committee held a public consultation to gather evidence on this topic.


The Committee’s report


The Committee reported (PDF, 418KB) in July 2014. The Welsh Government responded in October 2014 (PDF, 100KB).


Plenary debate


The Plenary debate on the Committee’s report on orthodontic services took place on 8 October 2014.

Business type: Committee Inquiry

Reason considered: Senedd Business;

Status: Complete

First published: 10/02/2014