P-03-136 Parking in Heath and Birchgrove

Petition wording:
We would ask the Welsh National Government to:

1. Advise the Cardiff and Vale NHS trust to:

provide sufficient parking on site for its staff and visitors by seeking suitable areas for hospital parking on site and on land such as the derelict area north of the allotments opposite Heath Hospital on the other side of Eastern Avenue,

decentralise some of the services already on the Heath site and

cease selling hospital land in Cardiff and the surrounding area for housing.

2. Recommend Cardiff County Council to:

refuse planning permission for further development on the Heath Hospital site unless a unit is removed from the site which has an equal traffic impact

discourage multi-occupation development in the area and

introduce limited time parking in streets within walking distance of Heath hospital.

3. Consider within the Assembly the introduction of a system which would allow local groups to appeal to the Assembly when the council gives planning permission for a development which residents consider will exacerbate the problem of parking in the area.

Lead petitioner:
Cllr Ron Page

Number of signatures:

Business type: Petition

Reason considered: Senedd Business;