P-04-494 Robotic assisted laparoscopic prostatectomy must be made available to men in Wales now

Robotic assisted laparoscopic prostatectomy is the 21st Century Gold standard. Wales as a nation must be at the forefront in offering this standard. We, the undersigned, are appalled by the fact that men in Wales with prostate cancer cannot be offered robotic surgery in Wales, yet in England ALL men have this choice with at least 40 locations offering this treatment and with men from Wales having to pay thousands of pounds to access this capability in these English NHS facilities (typically between £13-15,000). Clearly, many men in Wales cannot afford this. We call on the National Assembly for Wales to urge the Welsh Government together with the National Health Service of Wales to resolve this totally unfair predicament and serious lack of essential resource within our NHS in Wales without delay. It is vital that this technology, this 21st Century Gold Standard is offered to men in Wales. It simply cannot be right that such technology is available elsewhere and that men from Wales have to pay to avail themselves of it in an NHS facility in England.


Petition raised by:  Professor Kevin Davies MBE


Date petition first considered by Committee: 16 July 2013


Number of signatures: 2090


The Committee considered this petition on 23 February 2016 under Agenda Item 4 – Petitions Proposed for Closure, and agreed to close the petition.



Business type: Petition

Reason considered: Senedd Business;

Status: For consideration

First published: 03/07/2013