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Events, studies and reports highlighted that a sustainable future for agriculture and our environment was by no means certain. Further, aspects of both were especially fragile and had limited resilience to unexpected change.


When it came to agriculture and the natural environment, it was clear to us that we could not realise a sustainable future for one without the other. That is why we believed it was important that we looked at the resilience and sustainability of our land management practices and policies in Wales.


We gathered evidence and analysed the issues that arose before drawing conclusions and making recommendations to help ensure that the Welsh Government was using its policy tools to maximum effect to ensure that our land was managed in a sustainable way.


In order to arrive at this position we addressed three key questions:


  • What do we want sustainable land management in Wales to look like and what outcomes do we want to deliver in the short, medium and longer term?
  • What are the barriers preventing us from delivering these outcomes now?
  • How do we overcome these challenges?
  • What are the main policy drivers and how can these be shaped to overcome these challenges?

In doing so, we wish in particular (though not exclusively) to gather your views on:

  • How we define the key ecosystems and ecosystem services in a way that makes sense for Wales?
  • How we develop a baseline from which to measure progress? This includes how we collect, coordinate and use data to support sustainable land management in Wales.
  • What incentives we can provide land managers to develop sustainable practices, and in particular, any new sources of investment we can attract to support these?
  • How we ensure that our sustainable land management policies maintain vibrant rural communities and attract new entrants into the land-based sector?
  • The most appropriate geographical scale(s) at which we should be delivering sustainable land management policies and practices in Wales?
  • If there are key actions we can take to deliver short-term ‘quick wins’ and the actions we should be taking for the long-term?

In undertaking this inquiry, we were guided by the views and opinions expressed to us at our stakeholder workshop on 3 July 2013. We maintained a dialogue with these stakeholders throughout the life of this inquiry.



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Business type: Committee Inquiry

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First published: 25/06/2013




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