Inquiry into measles outbreak 2013

The Health and Social Care Committee undertook an inquiry into the 2013 measles outbreak during July 2013.


The terms of reference for the inquiry were to consider:

  • the factors that have led to the current measles outbreak;
  • the actions taken by public health professionals, in partnership with other agencies, in response to the outbreak;
  • the lessons that could be learned in order to prevent future outbreaks.


The Committee took oral evidence for this inquiry on 10 July 2013.


The Committee wrote to the Minister for Health and Social Services on 16 August 2013 (PDF, 217KB) to outline the key issues identified as part of its work. The Minister replied on 11 September 2013 (PDF, 1MB).

Business type: Committee Inquiry

Reason considered: Senedd Business;

Status: Complete

First published: 05/06/2013