P-06-1322 Reallocate the £30m being used for 20mph limits, to the NHS which is in crisis, especially BCUHB!



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The Welsh Government are currently planning on wasting over £30m to reduce 30mph speed limits to 20mph, when the Wrexham A&E department has just announced the worst waiting times in Wales. The NHS is in crisis across the country but the Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board is in an utter state. GP's are sitting in offices in Manchester to deal with problems at Hilcrest surgery for example. The Welsh Government don't have their priorities in order. Reducing speed limits from 30 to 20 will not save as many lives as having a functioning NHS!


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Reducing speed limits to a painful 20mph means cyclists will be overtaking cars. As someone who often cycles on the roads, I would feel safer cars going past me at 30mph instead of tailgating me at 20mph. As a driver too, my car is more economical at 30mph than it is at 20. The Welsh Government are ignoring serious issues such as the state of the Betsi Cadwaladr Health Board. Waiting times on ambulances, being seen in A&E, a lack of GP's. The list goes on. Hillcrest surgery is a prime example of failure, being taken over by the health board and having locum doctors making phone call from Manchester, instead of being sat in the surgery seeing people! The Welsh Government are so out of touch with the public and real problems, they need to be held accountable now. Welsh Goverment keep removing green spaces in Wrexham and surrounding areas, for houses, imposing daft speed limits (like A483 50mph zone) and yet won't address emergency services problems! Reallocate these funds NOW as a matter of urgency!!


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First published: 27/02/2023