Council Tax Reform

The Local Government and Housing Committee is undertaking an inquiry into council tax reforms, with specific focus on the policy and legislative proposals set out in the Welsh Government’s consultation document, A Fairer Council Tax launched in July 2022. The Committee will explore the impact the proposals might have on local government finance and administration, and the potential to simplify the framework of council tax discounts and reductions.


The inquiry will look specifically at:


>>>The potential impact of a council tax revaluation and revised council tax bands on local government finances and administration.

>>>The potential benefits and disadvantages of regular property revaluations on local government administration, and the impact on those liable to pay council tax.

>>>The effectiveness of the framework for council tax discounts and exemptions, and how the system could be developed and improved.

>>>The case for changing the Council Tax Reduction Scheme which supports the most vulnerable low-income households, and scope for improving the system.




Business type: Early Business

Reason considered: Senedd Business;

Status: For consideration

First published: 18/10/2022

Background papers