P-06-1295 Hold a public poll on the reduction of the default speed limit BEFORE it comes in to force

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I think that the Welsh Government must hold a public poll on this change as it will affect everyone! There is no proven evidence that it will save lives or reduce pollution. There is evidence to support it increasing the amount of emissions being put into the air as cars are not designed to be driven at this speed! Motorists are always being targeted and it’s about time pedestrians are hit with some accountability! People in Wales are living in a democracy, hold a public poll on this proposal.


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They have already surveyed a large group on this and the majority voted against it!

Their only evidence is theory and hearsay. They have absolutely no proof to support their claims that 20mph will save lives. What it will do is force cars to stop start more and ultimately build up emissions in a concentrated area. I can only imagine they based this false evidence on their motorway report on reducing to 50mph - IT DOES NOT WORK!!!!!

The Welsh Government should be doing more to educate pedestrians to cross only at designated crossings and put up barriers along the edge pavements to prevent them from walking out into the road anywhere they want!

Us motorists are getting more and more frustrated at being easy prey. As for cyclists, with this rule in place they will be riding faster than cars. I have seen this already in the trial areas.

Give us a say on this immediately!


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  • Bridgend
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First published: 02/09/2022