Historic Environment (Wales) Bill

A Welsh Government Bill, introduced by Mick Antoniw MS, Counsel General and Minister for the Constitution, under Standing Order 26C – Consolidation Acts of the Senedd. The Business Committee has remitted the Bill to the Legislation, Justice and Constitution Committee.

About the Bill

The Bill includes provision to consolidate legislation relating to the historic environment in Wales. It provides for the protection of monuments, buildings and conservation areas by bringing together and restating already-existing legislation (both primary and secondary) in one place.

Further detail about the Bill can be found in its accompanying Explanatory Memorandum.

Current Stage

The Bill is currently at Initial Consideration. A guide to Consolidation Bills is available in the Guidance to support the operation of Standing Order 26C on Consolidation Bills.

Record of Passage in the Welsh Parliament

The following table sets out the dates for each stage of the Bill’s passage through the Welsh Parliament.

¬¬¬Initial Consideration (Current)

The Legislation, Justice and Constitution Committee agreed its approach to Initial Consideration on 4 July 2022.

The Committee has agreed to scrutinise the Bill in line with Standing Order 26C.17, in that it will consider whether:

i. it is satisfied that the scope of the consolidation is appropriate;

ii. it is satisfied that the relevant enactments have been included within the consolidation;

iii. the Bill correctly consolidates the enactments or changes their substantive legal effect only to the extent allowed by Standing Order 26C.2;

iv. the Bill consolidates the law clearly and consistently.

The Committee will also consider any other matter it believes is relevant to Standing Order 26C.

Committee dates

The Legislation, Justice and Constitution Committee will consider the Bill on the following dates:

Date and agenda

Purpose of meeting



4 July 2022

Consideration of Approach to Initial Consideration (Private)



11 July 2022

Ministerial evidence session




¬¬¬Bill introduced (4 July 2022)

Historic Environment (Wales) Bill, as introduced on 4 July 2022

Explanatory Memorandum

Explanatory Memorandum: Annex A – Explanatory Notes

Explanatory Memorandum: Annex B1 – Table of Origins

Explanatory Memorandum: Annex B2 – Table of Destinations

Explanatory Memorandum: Annex C – Explanation of changes made to existing provisions (Drafters’ Notes)

Explanatory Memorandum: Annex D – Correspondence from the Law Commission

Presiding Officer’s Statement

Business Committee’s Report on the timetable for consideration of the Bill

Senedd Research blog article: First consolidation bill introduced into the Senedd, to make Welsh historic environment law more accessible


Contact information

Clerk: Sarah Sargent

Email: SeneddLJC@senedd.wales

Business type: Bill

Reason considered: Senedd Business;

Status: Stage 1

First published: 04/07/2022