Environmental governance

During the Sixth Senedd, the Climate Change, Environment and Infrastructure Committee (“the Committee”) will be carrying out work in relation to environmental principles and governance.




On 1 July 2022, ahead of the First Minister’s planned legislative statement, the Committee wrote to the First Minister in relation to an environmental governance Bill (PDF 182KB). The First Minister responded on 18 July 2022.


Open letter from environmental organisations to the First Minister in relation to access to environmental justice (PDF 312KB) – June 2022.


On 21 April 2022 the Chair wrote to the Minister for Climate Change (PDF 102KB) regarding the Welsh Government’s work on biodiversity; environmental principles and governance, and the Welsh Government’s Natural Resources Policy. The Minister responded (PDF 347KB) on 25 May 2022.




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First published: 09/12/2022

Background papers