P-06-1274 Stop the removal of the Rapid Response Vehicle for Monmouth

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This petition was submitted by Lorraine Allman, having collected 103 signatures online and 3,208 signatures on paper, a total of 3,311 signatures.


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The Welsh Ambulance Service NHS Trust are considering cutting the Rapid Response Vehicle (RRV) based at Monmouth ambulance station, leaving just ONE ambulance for the area. This will result in an increase in response times. RRVs were introduced because they can reach critical, isolated, sick, and injured patients quickly, easing pain, suffering, and saving lives. This hasn't changed, and with an increasing population in the area, we need more resources not less.


Additional Information:

The Census data for the area shows a year-on-year increase in population figures in the Monmouth Area.


Data under the Freedom of Information Act to find out how many times the RRV has been used each year has been requested, but we expect that it is in use daily based on community information. My own personal story is a family member suffered a spontaneous blood on the brain 3 years ago in Monmouth. The RRV was first on the scene, and there is no doubt that without it, they wouldn't be alive today.


In March 2012, Stuart Fletcher the then Chair of the Ambulance Trust said in a statement "I believe that they provide a very rapid response which allows immediate life saving first aid to be applied until the arrival of the ambulance."


With the recent downgrading of healthcare services in Monmouthshire such as the A&E services at Nevill Hall, Abergavenny now operating as a minor injuries unit only, we cannot allow any further deterioration of emergency resources in the area.


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First published: 29/04/2022