Decarbonisation of housing



In setting its priorities for the Sixth Senedd, the Climate Change, Environment, and Infrastructure Committee (“the Committee”) agreed to undertake a multi-phase inquiry on decarbonisation of housing in Wales.


The first phase of the inquiry will focus on retrofitting Wales’ homes. This phase will begin in the summer term when the Committee will hold evidence sessions with stakeholders. This first phase is intended to enable the Committee to assess progress made to date before determining the areas it would like to investigate in detail as part of a longer-term programme of work.


The second phase of the inquiry will compromise of three separate but interrelated inquiries. The first of these will be ‘Decarbonising the private housing sector’ (i.e. the private rented and owner-occupied sectors). Work will begin in summer 2022 and continue into autumn 2022.


Evidence gathering – first phase: retrofitting Wales’ homes


The Committee wrote (PDF 123KB) to the Minister for Climate Change on 14 March 2022 for:

- an update on progress made by the Welsh Government in taking forward each of the recommendations made by the Decarbonisation of Homes in Wales Advisory Group in its report, Better Homes, Better Wales, Better World, and,

- for the Welsh Government’s response to the Future Generation Commissioner’s report, Homes fit for the future: The Retrofit Challenge.


The Minister for Climate Change responded (PDF 526KB) to the Committee’s letter on 7 April 2022.


The Committee held oral evidence sessions with stakeholders on Thursday 28 April 2022.


Correspondence in relation to the energy price crisis:

On 10 May 2022 the Chair wrote to the Minister for Climate Change in relation to the current energy price crisis and to ask for additional action to be taken to support Welsh households. The Minister responded on 24 May 2022.

Business type: Committee Inquiry

Reason considered: Senedd Business;

First published: 18/03/2022