P-06-1253 Ban greyhound racing in Wales

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This petition was submitted by Hope Rescue, having collected a total of 35,101 signatures.


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In Wales we have one independent greyhound track racing once a week. Since April 2018, Hope Rescue & their rescue partners have taken in almost 200 surplus greyhounds from this track, 40 of which sustained injuries. There are plans for the track to become a Greyhound Board of Great Britain track, racing four times a week, greatly increasing the number of surplus dogs & injuries. Greyhound racing is inherently cruel & greyhounds have little legal protection. It is already banned in 41 US states.


Additional Information:

Campaign groups have collated data and evidence of poor welfare within greyhound racing in the U.K.


Alliance Against Greyhound Racing: https://www.aagr.org.uk/category/why-is-greyhound-racing-cruel/


League Against Cruel Sports: https://www.league.org.uk/greyhound-racing


There have also been press articles and undercover investigations in to greyhound racing:


RTE Investigates: Greyhounds Running For Their Lives



Panorama investigates: Doping and rigging bets









A recent petition is due to be debated in Parliament after securing 104,882 signatures.




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First published: 03/03/2022