P-06-1252 Calling on the Welsh Government not to vaccinate children 12 years and younger against COVID-19



This petition was submitted by Richard Taylor, having collected a total of 478 signatures.


Text of Petition:                     

Healthy children are at low risk from COVID-19 yet face known and unknown risks from COVID-19 vaccines. Rare, but serious, adverse events and deaths are being reported to monitoring systems around the world. Official guidance is updated as the side-effects become more apparent. Giving COVID-19 vaccines to healthy children to protect adults is unethical and unjustifiable. The Government has an ethical duty to act with caution and proportionality.


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This petition was considered completed by the Petitions Committee at its meeting on 23/05/2022.


The Committee considered the petition and noted the response from the Welsh Government and the advice of the JCVI, World Health Organisation and the European Central for Disease Control, agreeing to thank the petitioner and close the petition.


Full details of the consideration of this petition by the Committee and related documents can be seen on the Meetings tab above.

It was first considered by the Petitions Committee on 23/05/2022.



Senedd Constituency and Region

  • Monmouth
  • South Wales East


Further information


Business type: Petition

Reason considered: Senedd Business;

Status: For consideration

First published: 03/03/2022