Net Zero Wales - initial consideration

On 28 October 2021, the Welsh Government published its ‘Net Zero Wales Plan (‘the Plan’). This is the Welsh Government’s second statutory decarbonisation plan which focuses on their second carbon budget (2021–2025). It builds on Prosperity for All: A Low Carbon Wales, published in 2019.


Scrutiny of the Minister for Climate Change:

On 25 November 2021 the Climate Change, Environment and Infrastructure Committee (‘the Committee’), held a scrutiny session on the Plan with the Minister for Climate Change. This session was used to help inform the Committee’s priorities for this Senedd term, and pave the way for future work on climate change and carbon emissions reduction. On 11 November 2021, ahead of the scrutiny session, the Minister wrote to the Committee (PDF 430KB) outlining further details of the Plan.


Evidence from stakeholders:

In order to inform the scrutiny session with the Minister for Climate Change, the Committee invited stakeholders to provide their initial views on the Plan.


Business type: Committee Inquiry

Reason considered: Senedd Business;

First published: 16/11/2021