Forward work programme – Special Purpose Committee on Senedd Reform

The forward work programme of the Special Purpose Committee on Senedd Reform sets out the work which the Committee is intending to carry out in the following weeks and months.


At its meeting on 3 November 2021, the Committee agreed to structure its work around the following broad phases:

-       Phase One: Members will identify where there is – or a potential to establish – common ground between the policy positions of their political parties, in relation to Senedd reform;

-       Phase Two: on areas identified in Phase 1, gather further information as necessary for the Committee to develop recommendations for policy instructions; and

-       Phase Three: develop recommendations for policy instructions.


Updates on the committee’s work will be published in due course.


Any documents published indicate the current intentions of the Committee at the time of publishing, however the programme may change at any time to respond to external events.

Business type: Other

First published: 10/11/2021