Interim Environmental Governance Measures in Wales

During the Sixth Senedd, the Climate Change, Environment and Infrastructure Committee (“the Committee”) will be carrying out work in relation to environmental principles and governance.


Interim environmental governance measures

In setting its priorities for the Sixth Senedd, the Committee agreed to scrutinise the Welsh Government’s interim environmental governance measures by holding a one-off session with the Interim Environmental Protection Assessor for Wales (“the Assessor”), following the publication of the Assessor’s annual report.


The Annual Report 2021/2022 was published on 1 June 2022. 


Evidence gathering

The Committee held a scrutiny session with the Assessor at its meeting on 30 June 2022.


The Committee also heard evidence from a panel of experts from the environmental sector to gather their views on the operation of the Interim Environmental Governance Measures in Wales on 30 June 2022.



The Committee published its report: Report on operation of the interim environmental protection measures (PDF 163KB), on 28 September 2022. The Welsh Government responded (PDF 212KB) on 14 November 2022. The Interim Environmental Protection Assessor for Wales responded (PDF 134KB)  on 9 November 2022.


Plenary debate

A debate was held in plenary on 7 December 2022.



On 1 July 2022, ahead of the First Minister’s planned legislative statement, the Committee wrote to the First Minister in relation to an environmental governance Bill (PDF 182KB). The First Minister responded on 18 July 2022.


On 21 April 2022 the Chair wrote (PDF 102KB) to the Minister for Climate Change regarding the Welsh Government’s work on biodiversity; environmental principles and governance, and the Welsh Government’s Natural Resources Policy. The Minister responded (PDF 347KB) on 25 May 2022.



Business type: Committee Inquiry

Reason considered: Senedd Business;

First published: 05/04/2022