In-sourcing the Welsh Government’s ICT service

The Auditor General for Wales published this Report in March 2021 which looks at the decision to bring WG ICT in-house and how effective this process has been.


The report found that the in-sourcing project has been managed well and delivered on time. Some benefits are being achieved but the full benefits have not yet been realised.


Recommendations in the report are centred on improving the tracking of benefits and costs, updating the performance indicators for ICT services, and revisiting staffing levels to ensure the full benefits of this change are realised.


The Welsh Government responded to the Auditor General in June 2021.


The Public Accounts & Public Administration Committee considered this Report in Autumn 2021and will discuss with the Welsh Government as part of the Scrutiny of the Accounts 2020-21.

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First published: 05/08/2021