Rollout of the COVID-19 vaccination programme in Wales

The Auditor General for Wales published this Report in June 2021 which  looked at the shape of the programme, how it is performing, the factors that have affected rollout to date, and future challenges and opportunities.


The report recognised that the vaccination programme in Wales has been delivered at significant pace with local, national and UK partners working together to vaccinate a significant proportion of the Welsh population. At the time of reporting, vaccination rates in Wales were the highest of the four UK nations, and some of the highest in the world.


The study found that the Welsh Government’s vaccination strategy has provided a strong motivation to drive the programme, and all milestones have been met to date.


The study noted that there is learning to take away from the positive way in which the vaccine programme has been rolled out to date. This learning should be looked to apply to wider immunisation strategies and other programmes in NHS Wales.


Despite the progress made, the report emphasised that the job is far from over, with a longer-term plan needed that moves beyond the existing milestones and considers key issues such as resilience of the vaccine workforce, evolving knowledge of vaccine safety, the need for booster doses, and maintaining good uptake rates - especially in those groups that have shown some hesitancy in coming forward for their vaccinations.


The Public Accounts & Public Administration Committee considered this Report in Autumn 2021and discussed with the Welsh Government on 17 November 2021.


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First published: 05/08/2021