Financial Sustainability of Local Government

The Auditor General for Wales published a Report, on financial sustainability in Local Government, in September 2021. This short report summarises some themes emerging from work Audit Wales reported back locally to individual councils over the summer together with some commentary on funding pressures and how councils’ future financial sustainability could be strengthened.


The Auditor General for Wales published his Report on Local Authority Discretionary Services in March 2021. This Report did not contain specific recommendations but looked at how councils define their services and look to protect essential services when dealing with funding cuts. The study focused on how councils define services, the systems and processes they have used to review services and how robust these are.

The report emphasised that while financial pressures have led to councils reducing spend and cutting services, the pandemic has highlighted the importance and relevance of local government in serving and protecting people and communities.


The Public Accounts & Public Administration Committee considered these Reports in Autumn 2021and discussed their findings with the Welsh Government on 1 December 2021.

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First published: 05/08/2021