P-06-1163 Extend the postgraduate STEMM bursary to all MSc students in Wales



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In June 2019 Welsh Government announced a bursary scheme to increase the number of Welsh graduates who remained or returned to Wales to undertake a master’s degree in Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics or Medicine (also known as ‘STEMM’ subjects). This funding currently only extends to traditional Universities, excluding students who choose a STEMM Masters through alternative providers. This excludes some students, who need more flexibility in STEMM subject matter or course delivery.


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The Diamond review recommended that efforts are made "to enable students to study in the mode that best supports their circumstances". (The Review of Higher Education Funding and Student Finance Arrangements in Wales, 2016).


Currently students studying for STEMM Masters at the Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT) School of the Environment in Machynlleth are excluded from Welsh Government's STEMM bursary funding. The courses provided at CAT have a specific sustainability focus, which aligns with Welsh Government efforts to change the course of Wales onto a more sustainable path (e.g. through principles outlined in the Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015).


Teaching at CAT is flexible, and unlike traditional universities, enables students to study a taught Masters whilst continuing work/caring responsibilities.


We believe that the exclusion of STEMM students at organisations like CAT from STEMM bursary funding is counter to the STEMM bursary policy aims.


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