P-04-389 Arts, Agriculture and the Assembly Sheep

P-04-389  Arts, Agriculture and the Assembly Sheep

Petition wording:

We, the undersigned, call upon the National Assembly to make a statement of support for Welsh agriculture by the commissioning and erection in the Senedd of a permanent statue of a sheep.

Supporting information:  We believe that the major role of farmers and rural life in Wales should be honoured in Wales’ highest democratic forum.  By calling for a statue memorial we seek to promote the aim of the Arts Council in Wales, namely, improving the economic arts sector in Wales and access to the arts. The Welsh Sheep Appreciation Society brings together both sheep farmers and others with a concern for the traditional agricultural methods.  We would point out that former drover’s road town already have such statues.


Petition raised by:  Rev Christopher Trefor Davies


Date petition first considered by Committee:  15 May 2012


Number of signatures:  17


Business type: Petition

First published: 05/08/2014