Fifth Senedd Committee Legacy

At the end of every Senedd, committees look back on the work they’ve done over the previous five years, and think about the advice they want to leave for the next committee.


Legacy reports take lots of different forms. Some look backwards and highlight the committee’s “greatest hits”. Some prefer to look forwards and, based on their experience, make recommendations for work they think should be done by future committees. Some do both.


They are a useful source of information for new committees, the Members who serve on them and for anyone who takes an interest in their work. They can help all of us to understand what has happened in the past, and the forces that will influence what happens next.


Below you can find the full list of legacy reports for the committees of the Fifth Senedd (2016-2021).



>>>Chairs’ Forum<link></link>

>>>Climate Change, Environment and Rural Affairs Committee<link></link>

>>>Culture, Welsh Language and Communications Committee<link></link>

>>>Economy, Infrastructure and Skills Committee<link></link>

>>>Equality, Local Government and Communities Committee<link></link>

>>>Finance Committee<link></link>

>>>Health, Social Care and Sport Committee<link></link>

>>>Legislation, Justice and Constitution Committee<link></link>

>>>Petitions Committee<link></link>

>>>Public Accounts Committee<link></link>

>>>Standards of Conduct Committee<link></link>


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First published: 08/03/2021