P-05-1153 To open outside gyms and sport in Wales the same as England March 29th



P-05-1153 To open outside gyms and sport in Wales the same as England March 29th


This petition was submitted by Keri Mckibbin, having collected a total of 272 signatures.


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We run a gym In Burry Port, we have 8000 square feet outside, and have had enormously positive feedback from these socially distanced outside sessions, lockdown has taken it's toll on many members, raising anxiety, stress, fear and depression. They all say that our outside sessions kept these conditions at bay and actually helped them enormously through a very difficult time. Their impact on mental and physical health cannot be overstated, and would be a massive boost for Welsh community life.


Additional Information:

SAGE Scientists, who advise the UK government say outside exercise is safe and recommend everyone exercise once a day. We practice this with full temperature testing, sanitisation of all equipment used in between sessions, and everyone handles their own equipment. Surely it is far better to exercise in a controlled professional environment boosting a community's health. Local sports teams also observed these strict conditions throughout the times they were allowed to play, and a positive welsh government response will have a very powerful impact on children and adults in Wales. School sport in England for example starts march 8th, again on scientist advice, Let's get Wales going again and not fall behind England again.





This petition was considered completed by the Petitions Committee at its meeting on 16/03/2021.


The Committee considered the petition for the first time and agreed to write to the Welsh Government to seek a response to the issue raised and further clarity about when it considers that gyms and children’s sport will be able to resume, so that this can be shared with the petitioner. In doing so, the Committee agreed to thank the petitioner and close the petition given the likelihood that the position will have changed by the time a new committee is established following the Senedd election.


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It was first considered by the Petitions Committee on 16/03/2021.


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First published: 11/03/2021