P-05-1078 Increase funding for mental health services and improve waiting times for people needing help in crisis. We need a change!

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This petition was submitted by Laura Williams having collected a total of 5,159 signatures.


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Since covid 19 and lockdown people have been stuck inside for months on end, many of these people were suffering before lockdown and during lockdown. I for one suffered myself because of lockdown, and I am concerned about the number of suicides in my area since before lockdown and during. Lockdown has made people’s mental health worse and has put mental health services under severe pressure, young children are suffering adults and the elderly are suffering due to lockdown.


Our Welsh Parliament should be taking action on mental health and funding more services people are waiting a long time to be seen or given help. Many local doctors and nurses are not trained in mental health.


The percentage of people reporting mental health problems increased from 23.3% in 2017-2019 to 36.8% in April 2020 (UK Household Longitudinal Study). If this doesn’t scream how lockdown is drastically changing the way we live our lives and fights the battles we have to fight on a daily basis, then I’m not sure what will?


Additional Information:

My name is Laura and I suffer with multiple mental health issues; those being ptsd, ocd, depression, anxiety and panic disorder. I created a petition which was also stating the fact that mental health is in dire straits and acquires extra support. The petition was successful and since my last petition I have decided that the best way to make a change was to start with myself. This pushed me to successfully complete my ptsd therapy.




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  • Cardiff West
  • South Wales Central


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First published: 03/12/2020