P-05-1068 Allow socially distanced meets in private gardens to follow science and avoid isolation



This petition was submitted by Rachel Emma Ovett having collected a total of 273 signatures.


Text of Petition:                     

Many people in Wales who were shielding or in care homes with strict measures that were forced upon residents were left in isolation for months at huge cost to mental and physical wellbeing. The government promised this would not happen again. Meeting loved ones outdoors in a controlled private garden is a safe way to avoid isolation for anyone not allowed or too afraid to go to public spaces. This plunges thousands of vulnerable people back into isolation through no fault of theirs.


Additional Information:

The vast majority of compliant careful citizens would meet in private gardens without breaking the regulations. There is no evidence to suggest there have been more breaches in private homes than in public spaces. There is no evidence to suggest that those who disregard the Covid rules will behave better or be more compliant in public spaces as opposed to private gardens. The virus spreads more easily inside. The argument about going inside if we allow meets in private gardens is flawed, as the government are allowing indoor meeting in any case.

The virus spreads more easily in spaces where people have to move around and come and go, e.g. pubs. Alcohol inhibits judgment so people may not be able to effectively social distance after drinking. Public spaces, streets and parks are hard to control, with lots of people coming and going in different directions, making it hard to control keeping a distance, through no fault of your own, whereas private spaces can be controlled.





This petition was considered completed by the Petitions Committee at its meeting on 13/09/2021.


The Committee considered the correspondence received and noted that the action called for in the petition is now happening under Level 0. The Committee agreed to thank the petitioner and close the petition. In doing so the Committee also agreed to note her additional comments relating to the petitions process and agreed that the Committee will take these into account as it develops its work programme.


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It was first considered by the Petitions Committee on 26/01/2021.


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First published: 26/11/2020