P-05-1054 The Hair & Beauty sector has proved itself COVID secure. Do not close us and risk Welsh jobs again



P-05-1054 The Hair & Beauty sector has proved itself COVID secure. Do not close us and risk Welsh jobs again


This petition was submitted by Sarah Bruton having collected a total of 6,074 signatures.


Text of Petition:                     

The Welsh hair and beauty industry has complied with the strictest regulations since re-opening, and has proved itself as not just covid-secure, but one of the safest settings in terms of transmission. We have extensive PPE, hygiene measures and the ability to comply with track and trace. Our industry was one of the last to re-open and has suffered some of the biggest losses as a result of national and local lockdowns.


We have done everything right and we should not be punished by closure.


Additional Information:

The measures the sector has implemented:

- additional PPE training (including donning and doffing) and adopted the highest requirements for PPE of any non-covid setting;

- undertaken cross-contamination and infection control hygiene measures;

- worked additional hours to space staff and clients to protect jobs.


Public Health England recorded that close contact services/ personal services are routinely the safest environment for covid transmission (exception: prisons). Unfortunately, Public Health Wales does not publish comparable data.


The hair and beauty sector has already lost the summer trading period (estimate: 60% of annual turnover). The period leading up to Christmas represents the second busiest period. Although this year will not see such a big upturn, closing hair and beauty businesses at this time will make job losses and business closures in January inevitable.


Our sector should not be punished when we have proved we can do everything right. We can keep people safe.





This petition was considered completed by the Petitions Committee at its meeting on 16/03/2021.


The petition was closed as part of a review of all petitions currently under consideration at the Petitions Committee's final meeting of the Fifth Senedd, in light of the upcoming election and the consideration given to this issue to date.


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It was first considered by the Petitions Committee on 15/12/2020.



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First published: 03/12/2020