P-05-926 To Provide a Chronic Fatigue Department in Wales



P-05-926 To Provide a Chronic Fatigue Department in Wales

This petition was submitted by Marjorie Ann Lasebikan having collected a total of 155 signatures on paper.


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There is no Chronic Fatigue Department in the whole of Wales! Chronic Fatigue is being overlooked or thought of as depression. I would like to see a Department set up with a view to individuals being assessed properly. General Practitioners say 'there is no cure' or 'you haven't been assessed'. Without a Chronic Fatigue department there can be no research into finding a cure or no means of being assessed.


I have suffered with this for 23years. The onset was after a week of high fever which showed as 104 on the 5th day. Little is known about Chronic Fatigue. I wrote up a Petition recently and collected 65 signatures with a view to setting up a department in Wales; it showed 20 had family members or friends suffering with it. It is so debilitating and such a waste of life. With an inability to think, concentrate or do anything physical without the need to go to bed afterwards. It can take days to overcome any effort however small.


I saw a woman being interviewed on television. She was at a Chronic Fatigue Clinic saying she had received a Myer's Infusion, which consists of Vitamins and Minerals, and felt so well she felt like her old self. It is not available on the NHS. I want to give it a try to see if this is the answer but need to find a private clinic to administer the Myer's Infusion. Last year I had a '5 day window' when I had clarity of thinking and energy. I do not know if this was because of taking a Vitamin B Complex capsule daily for a while. I saw a General Medicine doctor at Llandough Hospital recently [he sees many individuals with Chronic Fatigue] I told him of this infusion and he is interested in hearing the outcome of the procedure. I will report back to him. In the meantime, will you give your support to this Petition? It is essential to have some hope and the only way to achieve this is to have the right help in the first place. Not live a life unfulfilled. Thank you.


Additional Information

Concentration is poor; the ability to absorb information fully is difficult. To plan or organise things is impossible. To get excited is exhausting. Physical work cannot be undertaken without going to bed afterwards. To do anything strenuous can take a couple of days to recover and walking any distance is a problem. To sit in front of a computer for 30 minutes can result in energy draining away. Shopping is a big problem unless there is a buggy to use to take one around the store. It often ends up by shopping on line which is extremely tiring. I have always been an active person with many interests. There are days where I sit unable to do anything. Life is nothing but frustration.





This petition was considered completed by the Petitions Committee at its meeting on 03/11/2020.


The Committee considered an update on the petition and noted that the NICE guideline for chronic fatigue syndrome is currently under review and an updated version due to be published in April 2021. In light of this, the Committee agreed to close the petition and write to the petitioner to thank her for her engagement with the process, and to encourage her to contribute to the review of the NICE guidelines. The Committee also agreed that it would highlight the petition and the evidence received to NICE.


Gellir gweld manylion llawn ynghylch trafodaeth y pwyllgor o'r ddeiseb hon a'r dogfennau cysylltiedig ar y tab Cyfarfodydd uchod.

Cafodd ei hystyried gyntaf gan y Pwyllgor Deisebau ar 07/01/2020.


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  • Cardiff South and Penarth
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First published: 11/12/2019