P-05-911 Protect Wales’ Ancient Yew Trees



P-05-911 Protect Wales’ Ancient Yew Trees

This petition was submitted by Janis Fry having collected a total of 77 paper  signatures.


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Please sign my petition call for ancient Yew trees to be protected by law.


Currently there is no legal protection for these beautiful trees. It's urgent that we protect this vital part of our heritage with specific legal protection before we lose any more. These Yew trees have been a part of Britain for thousands of years. They are our ancient living monuments, our ancient living witnesses to the history of our ancestors and our civilisation. We must protect them as a matter of urgency before any more are lost.


A close up of a Yew tree

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This petition was considered completed by the Petitions Committee at its meeting on 09/06/2020.

In light of the information provided by Welsh Government regarding various ways of affording protection to ancient trees under current planning or protection orders, and the fact that Cadw has decided that scheduling trees as ancient monuments is not appropriate, the Committee agreed that there is little further the that can be achieved at this stage and to close the petition.

Full details of the consideration of this petitions by the committee and related documents can be seen on the Meetings tab above.

It was first considered by the Petitions Committee on 19/11/2019.


Senedd Constituency and Region

  • Carmarthen East and Dinfwr
  • Mid and West Wales


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Business type: Petition

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Status: Complete

First published: 09/10/2019