M4 Relief Road


Following the First Minister’s Statement on 4 June 2019 advising that the M4 Relief Road will not proceed, the Welsh Government has published details of the costs involved to date of the project, which now amount to £114m.
Many questions were asked about what this money has been spent on and whether the expenditure represents value for money.

The Public Accounts Committee examined this expenditure in July 2019 with the Welsh Government. Following an exchange of correspondence, the Committee agreed on 11 November 2019, that the Chair should write to the Chair of the Economy, Infrastructure and Skills Committee with the Committee’s views to help facilitate any future work that Committee plans to undertake following the Burns Review.

Evidence Session

Date, Agenda and Minutes



1. Welsh Government

Andrew Slade
Simon Jones
Andy Falleyn

Monday 15 July 2019

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First published: 13/06/2019