P-05-843 More Third party rights in planning appeals


P-05-843 More Third party rights in planning appeals

This petition was submitted by Emma Eynon, having collected 59 signatures.

Text of Petition

We, the undersigned, call on the Welsh Government to introduce legislation which will grant more rights for third parties to appeal on planning decisions. Currently, even those who are directly affected by planning approvals are considered as third parties to applications and have little or no rights to appeal or even to input into planning conditions. The judicial review process is aimed at developers and the time limit of six weeks to submit such an application is not suitable for community action groups. Third parties should have the same rights as a developer to appeal in planning decisions and should not have to send all communications through the elected ward member.



This petition was considered completed by the Petitions Committee at its meeting on 03/12/2019.

Given that the proposal for third party appeal rights has been rejected by the Welsh Government – as it was during previous consideration given to this issue during scrutiny of the Planning (Wales) Act 2015 – it is difficult to identify how the Committee can take the petition any further. The Committee therefore agreed to close the petition and thank the petitioner for her contributions to the process.

Full details of the consideration of this petitions by the committee and related documents can be seen on the Meetings tab above.

It was first considered by the Petitions Committee on 23/10/2018.


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·         Neath

·         South Wales West


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Business type: Petition

Reason considered: Senedd Business;

Status: Complete

First published: 11/10/2018