The Welsh Government’s relationship with Pinewood


The Auditor General for Wales published a Report - The Welsh Government’s relationship with Pinewood – on 12 June 2018.

The Report sets out the facts associated with the Collaboration Agreement entered into by both parties in February 2014 to promote TV and film production in Wales. The report also sets out the facts leading to the termination of that agreement, together with details of the successor Management Services Agreement that commenced in November 2017.

The Culture, Welsh Language and Communications Committee considered the Report in summer 2018, during its inquiry into Film and major television production in Wales.

The Public Accounts Committee scrutinised the Welsh Government on the Report in November 2018 and published its report in February 2019. The Welsh Government’s response was considered in Committee on 29 April 2019 and a Plenary debate was held on 1 May 2019.

The Committee continued to monitor the progress of the recommendations contained in the Report and revisited the matter in January 2020 when further financial and performance information relating to Pinewood was available. The Committee concluded that it would be appropriate for the Culture, Welsh Language and Communications Committee to monitor future policy decisions regarding the Pinewood Studios in Cardiff and creative industries in Wales.

Evidence Session

Date, Agenda and Minutes



Welsh Government
Andrew Slade – Director General, Economy, Skills and Natural Resources

Jason Thomas – Director of Culture, Sport and Tourism

Tim Howard – Deputy Director of Property

5 November 2018

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First published: 12/06/2018