Enterprise Zones

The Economy, Infrastructure and Skills Committee continues to scrutinise this policy area, building on the work undertaken by both the Finance Committee and the Enterprise and Business Committee of the Fourth Assembly.

The Finance Committee inquiry in 2013 considered what progress had been made in each of the Enterprise Zones, with a particular focus on the financial inputs and anticipated outputs from the zones.

The Committee looked at the following issues:

  • To assess the implementation and operation to date of the Enterprise Zones, including:
    • the extent of progress against the Welsh Government’s stated objectives for the Enterprise Zone policy (and how this progress is monitored and evaluated);
    • the achievements to date of each zone, alongside the resources used in the process;
    • the use made of the range of incentives offered on each zone;
    • the evidence base for the current Enterprise Zone policy;
    • the performance of Enterprise Zones in England.

  • To consider the Welsh Government’s future plans for the Enterprise Zones, including;
    • the specific targets and objectives for each zone, and the resources needed to achieve these;
    • the role of the Enterprise Zone Boards;
    • the fit with the Welsh Government’s regional approach, Economic Action Plan and other place-based initiatives, such as the Valleys Taskforce, city regions and city deals.

Business type: Committee Inquiry

Reason considered: Senedd Business;

Status: Complete

First published: 14/12/2017