Dignity and respect policy

Remuneration Board

Following the adoption of the Senedd Commission’s Dignity and Respect policy the Remuneration Board committed to review all appropriate documents and policies within its remit to support cultural change and ensure that inappropriate conduct is not tolerated and is suitably dealt with. The following documents and policies fall within its remit:

  • Support staff Code of Conduct; 
  • Support staff Disciplinary Procedure;
  • Support staff Grievance Procedure.

Engagement activity

To inform its consideration of the Disciplinary Procedure and Grievance Procedure the Board sought feedback on both procedures from the support staff representative group

Public consultation

On 24 October the Board launched a public consultation on its proposals to amend the support staff Disciplinary Procedure and Grievance Procedure.

The Board considered the responses received at its meeting on 17 January and agreed to implement the proposals. Full details of their implementation is noted in the Board’s update letter.

Business type:

Reason considered: Commission Business;

First published: 24/10/2018