News Journalism in Wales



In response to concerns about the decline of commercial news journalism in Wales and the impact this may have in terms of a diminished Welsh civic society and a less well informed electorate able to hold the Welsh Government to account, the Culture, Welsh Language and Communications Committee held an inquiry into News Journalism in Wales.


Between April and May 2017 the Committee asked people for written responses on the following topics:


·      Innovative models to support news journalism in Wales, including:

o  Existing models of news provision, both within Wales and internationally, that could be further emulated;

o  Innovative business models in other fields that could be applied to news journalism in Wales.


·      The provision of news journalism in Wales, including on:

o  Local and regional newspapers;

o  News websites;

o  Hyperlocal news providers;

o  Local television.


·      Welsh Government support for local news journalism.


The Committee spoke to interested parties at their meetings between May and October 2017.



The Committee published a report of their findings in May 2018.


Response to the report

The Welsh Government responded to the report.


Business type: Committee Inquiry

Reason considered: Senedd Business;

Status: Complete

First published: 29/03/2017