The Future of S4C

The Culture, Welsh Language and Communications Committee held an inquiry into the future of S4C.

Report: The Future of S4C, Outside the Box


The inquiry built on the Committee’s initial findings, published in its report ‘The Big Picture: The Committee’s Initial Views on Broadcasting in Wales’. The UK Government is planning a review of S4C in 2017. The Committee agreed to carry out its own inquiry into S4C, in order to exert its influence on the UK Government review, when this would take place. On 18 January 2017, UK Government Minister for Digital and Communications (Matt Hancock MP) said that its review would “take place shortly”.


The UK Government announced the review in February 2016. It stated:

“S4C in Wales has a specific remit around Welsh language programming, with the majority of their funding generated from the TV Licence Fee. In recognition of scale and minority audience issues, S4C also receives direct funding from Government.

In order for S4C to continue to provide a first-class service and have a sustainable future, the Government also intends to carry out a comprehensive review in 2017. This will look at the remit, governance and funding of S4C to ensure the broadcaster can continue to meet the needs of Welsh speaking audiences in the future and invest in high-quality programming.”

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Business type: Committee Inquiry

Status: Report in preparation

First published: 27/01/2017





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