Funding for and access to music education


The Culture, Welsh Language and Communications Committee held an inquiry into Funding for and Access to Music Education. The inquiry was a result of a poll held in November 2016 where the Committee asked the public to choose what topic the Committee should review.


The Committee asked people to respond on the following issues:


·      Access to local authority music services for all children and young people;

·      The current position with the national and regional ensembles;

·      Progress made in implementing the recommendations of the Welsh Government’s reviews into music services and the national arts ensembles;

·      The impact of funding decisions on the delivery of local authority music services and issues relating to the music education workforce; and  

·      Examining the broader provision of music education services through the third and commercial sector.


The Committee spoke to interested parties at their meetings between January and April 2017.



The Committee published a report of their findings in June 2018.


 A Plenary debate was held on the report in October 2018.


Response to the report 

The Welsh Government responded to the report in July 2018.



Business type:

Status: Inquiry in progress

First published: 03/01/2017