Orthopaedic Services

The previous Committee noted the Auditor General for Wales’ Review into Orthopaedic Services which was published in June 2015.

The review examined both national and local approaches adopted to manage demand for orthopaedic services and also assessed the extent to which sustainable models of service delivery have been developed to help meet future demand. The report concludes that orthopaedic services have become more efficient in the past decade but NHS Wales is not well placed to meet future demand because whilst there has been a focus on securing immediate reductions in waiting times, less attention has been paid to developing more sustainable, long-term solutions to meet demand.

The Public Accounts Committee considered these results with the Welsh Government in January 2017. The Committee received an update from the Welsh Government in the autumn 2017 term and received regular monitoring during the spring and summer 2018 terms.


Evidence Session

Date, Agenda and Minutes




Dr Andrew Goodall - Director General/NHS Chief Executive

Simon Dean - Deputy Chief Executive NHS Wales

Frank Atherton - Chief Medical Officer

Andrew Carruthers - Delivery Programme Director


23 January 2017

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First published: 14/10/2016